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  Armored Patch Cords    


  High resistance of tensile strength, pressure, rodent bite.  

Our armored patch cords can be deployed directly in CO and different harsh environment, without additional tube for protection, save space, reduce construction cost and make the maintenance more conveniently. Furthermore, the stainless steel tube prevents optic fiber from damage, which improves security and stability of the system

No need to worry about destroy in the future.
Prevent FO from destroy by harsh environment and improper operation.
More convenient to deploy and ensure safety
Reduce maintenance cost afterwards.
FO type Sheath material LSNH PVC Polishing Type Insertion Loss Return Loss Repeatibily (500 Mating) Operating temperature
MM Grey & Orange PC 0.3dB - 0.1dB -40C to + 85C
SM Yellow PC 0.2dB 45dB 0.1dB -40C to + 85C
SM Yellow UPC 0.2dB 55dB 0.1dB -40C to + 85C
SM Yellow APC 0.2dB 65dB 0.1dB -40C to + 85C
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